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Our Mission
Launch a Super Speed Intergalactic Internet & Space Ecosystem
Uninet Universe Internet

A super fast high performance galaxy wide multiverse internet linking earth and space seamlessly, providing galaxy side connectivity.

XBC & Mainecoin

An open source digital ecosytem and currency for running decentralized apps and tokenizing the Uninet Multiverse Internet.

Unicorp Pi One

A new Multiverse Fusion Nuclear Warp Drive Spacecraft faster than the speed of light and capable of superluminal speed space travel.

Who are Unicorp Space
Pioneers of the New Internet and a New Generation of Super Luminal Speed Air & Spacecraft

Unicorp Space is a little-known startup and the creator of Pi Block network a new high performance internet protocol which resides at the core of all Unicorp Space technology offerings.

Founded and led by chief scientist Professor Jack Rahman, the company plans to disrupt the internet and space market, bringing to market Uninet a galaxy wide multiverse internet that will replace the existing internet and connect space to earth with a high performance internet , 1000 faster than the internet of today. The company will also being to market superluminal speed space craft, making space travel fast and possible. 

Unicorp Space Technology
Pioneering the next generation of Space Internet and Next Generation Superspeed Space Craft

Unicorp Space is a space internet and transportation company, providing heavy, medium and small launch services, new internet, satellites and spacecraft components.

GDAYSPACE Space Storage
Data storage in Space, GDAYSPACE is a new autonomous, secure and smart data storage service and marketplace powered by edge computing and hosted on Uninet.
UNINET Unverse Internet
Uninet Internet
A new internet, that is satellite & space situated, providing universe wide connectivity. Promises faster, more secure & efficient internet with speeds between 1GB/S to 1000 GB/S and latency from 1ms to 5ms.
TerABYTE BROADBAND Internet As a Service
Terabyte Internet
A uninet low earth orbit satellite boradband service offered to customers on earth and in space and promising internet speeds significantly greater than todays providers.
NEXT generation spacecraft Satellites & Rockets
Satellites & Rockets
Twinion, Deltastar and Republic Cruiser for small, medium and heavy iift
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We will revolutionize the internet and space travel as we know it, with our Pi Block Technology
Professor Jack Rahman, Founder